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The Curse of the Blessed Isle [Dragonseye RP Wiki]

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The Curse of the Blessed Isle


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Attention: Rules for [[Mind Combat]]

(if this ever comes up again the rules may be streamlined a bit more :-p)

Arden Nightshade: Once a talented heroic mortal, but secretly his soul has been the prison to a fetich soul of a powerful primordial. Due to recent events, the powers of this being are gathering inside him, trapped in a powerful prison.

Cynis Kazuko: Air Aspected Dragonblooded and Strategos of the Legion of the White Tigers. She was originally a Heptagram graduate. She's calm and composed, and very good at gauging situations.

Cynis Shou: Fire Aspected Dragonblooded and Strategos of the Legion of the Laughing Whore. A wild and passionate guy, but a quick thinker and brilliant strategist.

Darien: The son of a Dragonblooded mother and a trade spirit father. He has Exalted as a Dragonblooded but still maintains his father's interests. He is a powerful merchant in charge of the biggest chain of trade houses in Atran. He's also Rudagin's second hand in matters of trade in Atran.

Lydia: Lydia is the new incarnation of the Solar Queen Merela. She is the body and soul of the messenger Venka stripped of all her powers and memories, infused with the Exaltation of the Solar Queen, also stripped of all powers and memories. She is very eager to learn. Sol Invictus might or might not revoke her mandate to rule Creation depending on how she grows.

Manami: An ex Immaculate Monk of the First Coil, and the founder of a new Religious order based on several of the beliefs of the Immaculate Order. She is trained in each of the five Immaculate Martial Arts, has mastered at least one of them completely. It's still uncertain in how many styles she actually possesses charms. She has given the circle the benefit of the doubt and works with them. She is now establishing her own order.

Sharath: A magistrate of the Realm, and one of the bodyguards of the Scarlet Empress. After the demise of the Scarlet Empress, he started making a move in the inevitable revolution and has put his chances with the circle. On arrival of the new Empress he returned to his job.

Terrie: The newly reincarnated Lunar mate of Yanus Obsidian. Before her Exaltation, she travelled with a caravan of entertainers, providing the people with the act of a savage beast-girl from the north.

The Caravan members

Kendra: This old lady is the leader of the caravan.

Wodan: Wodan is a talented thaumaturge who is a master in the arts of enchantments and warding and exorcism.

Sihaya: This young girl is a master in the art of Astrology and Mindwalking. Aside from this she also has a supernatural sense of foresight which is not solely from her thaumaturgic knowledge. She has exalted as Sidereal, Maiden of Secret, during a visit to the Great Three. The party and Ledaal Katsu have made arrangements for her. She comes to visit Creation every few weeks and goes then back to Heaven.

Faye: Sihaya's younger sister shares her gift for foreseeing things, although she is not as talented or trained as her sister is.

The caravan holds many other mortal members who have remarkable skills.

[[Conclave|The Conclave]]

None of the ranks in the Conclave are actually literally confirmed anywhere at any time. However, having met the Conclave in their strategic meetings it is possible to confirm their rankings. Since Safira has now left the Conclave and Negen has been killed, their rankings have probably changed but most likely keeping the same ranking order.

Kaskovo: Leader of the Conclave. He is a charismatic, intelligent en strong Dawn Caste, but he is also (borderline) insane. Regardless, powerful beings seem to flock around him, either as allies or enemies. He was also the general of the Riders of Malfeas, but is now missing

Saraj: #2 in the Conclave. Saraj is the main artificer of the party, and married to Devi. Now Kaskovo is gone and Anan dead, he has taken over control.

Devi: #3 in the Conclave. It is said that Devi cannot die, and she has proven this at least one. Her 'corpse' has been brought back, destroyed nearly to the bones, and she is still recovering.

Anan: An Eclipse caste spindoctor. He seems to be the one to take over command when Kaskovo is gone. He is rumoured to be #4 in the Conclave. He sometimes takes both name and rank of Kaskovo in the Riders of Malfeas. Died during the final encounter with Ledaal Katsu by Scarlet Naomi's Faction in the battle of Chayin defending a weakened Kaskovo

Adriana Copperhawk: A ronin Sidereal working with the Conclave. She holds seat #6. She is a very successful Scavenger Lord and the one who holds the manse in Chayin primarily.

Neoma Flint: A Lunar Pirate who holds seat #7 in the Conclave. He's the Lunar mate of Blauwe Maan, but doesn't seem to want to build a deep relationship with her before she's been redeemed.

Lotus: A No Moon with a unique sense of fashion. She's Terrie's mentor and #8 in the conclave.

Negen: He held seat #9 before he was killed by Ledaal Katsu. He was a Day Caste Abyssal, killed before he could achieve redemption. His monstrance is sent to the God of Exaltations, Lytek. He is now a ghost, out scouting in the Underworld.

Blauwe Maan: #10 in the Conclave. She is a Daybreak Abyssal Exalt out for redemption. She has extensive knowledge of Necromancy, but has sworn never to use the dark arts again. Has now found redemption of Sol Invictus.

Youko: Either #11 or #12 in the Conclave. You're never sure with this girl. She's in love with Haruko and practically her mirror in all but appearance. She's an Infernal Exalted hoping to redeem herself. Went away with Kaskovo.

Haruko: Youko's lover, and holds either seat #12 or #11 in the Conclave. She has brown hair, and she's the one who was once almost killed by the Prince of Destruction for interfering with his fight with Ulrich. Like Youko she's an Infernal Exalt on a quest to redeem herself. Went away with Kaskovo.

Ulrich: #13 in the Conclave. Ulrich is a Chimera who somehow regained his sanity. He doesn't speak and has sworn not to sow chaos. He hopes to redeem himself from having turned Chimera and become a normal Lunar Exalt again.

Cathak Lasandra: A Dragonblooded socialite who worked with Devi and Saraj. He was killed ruthlessly by the circle.

Daedalus: A Dawn Caste who fought with the Conclave in their previous attempt to destroy the Bronze Faction. Got in a fight with some of the other members and was killed shortly after. Most likely reincarnated as Scarlet Naomi.

Silver Pact Lunar's

These Lunar's were sent to aid the party at the rescue of Terrie. Black Feathered Words used to be a member of this pack before he went to the Realm.

Pride of the Savanna: Full Moon leader of the pack and a proud warrior. Lion totem.

Hanako Darkeyes: Full Moon Tracker of the pack. Falcon Totem

Karma 'Protean Silver Phantasm' : Changing Moon Infiltrator. Has a shape for very occasion. Chameleon Totem

Akachi 'Fivefold Enigma': Full Moon Shaman. Always available for wise advise, if you can understand him. Mandrill Totem

Scarlet Naomi's Faction

Scarlet Naomi's faction possesses powerful first age equipment. With this equipment they don one or more special elite units. Now they are in possession of the war grounds, who knows what kind of soldiers work for them. They also hold Sengu at this moment in the story.

Scarlet Naomi: A strong and intelligent Dawn Caste who is on a mission to destroy the Conclave. While sympathetic with the destiny of Creation and the Blessed Isle, in her eyes there is no enemy more dangerous than the Conclave.

Wizard of the Northern Winter: Naomi's Lunar mate is a scholar, who seems to be the main force behind the maintenance of the stash of artifacts they possess.

Crystal Ketan: An Eclipse Mother, travelling around with her daughter Arya, and a former member of the circle. She left the circle because of disagreements on party policies. Currently working with Scarlet Naomi.

“Hunter” : A self-righteous nightcaste and a former member of the circle. He left the circle because of disagreements on party policies. Currently working with Scarlet Naomi.

Prince of Destruction and Company

Prince of Destruction: He is the fetich soul of the Great Unmaker, and the only part of the Great Unmaker still alive. Currently he resides in the body of Arden Nightshade, who is able to restrain the will of the Prince most of the time.

Messengers: The Messengers are the souls of the Prince of Destruction.

Venka: The only female messenger. After she was defeated, her soul was given a second chance as Lydia.

Bronze Faction and the Wyld Hunt

Ledaal Katsu: A dangerous Sidereal tactician for the Wyld Hunt. He practically organizes and directs all the Wyld Hunt operations regarding the Riders of Malfeas and the circle. Incapacitated and killed afterwards by a rune of singular hate of Kaskovo.

Cathak Mayu: Current leader of the Wyld Hunt expeditions sent by Ledaal Katsu. She's Kathan's sister.

Tepet Ejava (The Roseblack): A prominent Dragonblooded leader. She is the Strategos of the Vermillion Legion and aims to become Shogun. With the appearance of the new Empress and the civil instability that occurred regardless, she's been gathering a large following amongst the Great Houses.

Sesus Nina: A Wyld Hunt assassin, responsible for blowing up Hunter's house and family in an attempt to kill Kaskovo.

Sesus Raúl: A very honourable Strategos. He detests the use of dark and dishonourable powers, such as the spell Total Annihilation, the poison Yozi Venom and the charm Bloodthirsty Sworddancer Spirit. He's a smart man who holds his own opinions on the Realm and the Immaculate Faith; but he still dislikes the Solar Exalted.

Tepet Arada (The Winddancer): A famous Wyld Hunt leader. He is the Dragonblooded who lead the defeat against Jochim the Anathema and killed him personally. His most recent hunt, against the Bull of the North, was a complete failure though. Ever since he has devoted himself to the Immaculate Faith as a monk, but Ledaal Katsu somehow managed to convince him to take up arms against the Anathema once again, by fighting Kaskovo. He supports his granddaughter's goal of becoming Shogun.

The Underworld

Abyssal Torturer: This sick Daybreak Abyssal delighted into torturing the prisoners of his masters. He tortured Manami and Terrie during their capture. He was killed mercilessly by the party when they recovered Terrie.

Defiler of Knowledge: A Daybreak Abyssal who specializes in Necrotech. He is an absent-minded genius who's proving difficult to interrogate about his work. This is mostly because he tends to answer in such specialized babble, not comprehending others might fail to understand what he's talking about.

Grim Veil of Shadows: AKA Grim. A silent necromancer. He doesn't look very lively and doesn't talk much either. He is one of the three forces behind the Abyssal mercenaries.

Melody: A powerful female necromancer who has some kind of business with the Prince of Destruction. She is the first age incarnation of Diana and precious owner of the Library. In the First Age she was known as Alexis.

Knight of Stygia: One of the three masterminds behind the Abyssal mercenaries. He's rumoured to have been a general in many underworld armies.

SAM: A dimwitted Dusk Caste Abyssal Exalted. Considering the fact that there must be some redeeming qualities that make him into a good choice for an Exalt, and his charm isn't quite his strong suit either, he's probably one hell of a fighter.

Shadow: A strong assassin who is one of the three core powers of the Abyssal mercenaries. Currently in possession of an Armor of the Unseen Assassin. He uses Yozi venom on his knives when his target is powerful enough. He is has the key to the mysterious Night manse.

The Stark Vicar of Oblivion: Stark for short. Yanus' brother and a preacher of the Neverborn. He was captured during the retrieval attempt of Terrie. He seems to have a high rank amongst the Abyssals. He had control of the Temple of the Neverborn and at least one other small Underworld manse.

Shindra: An Abysal formerly in service of the Mask of Winters. She claims to know Black Feathered Words from their time in Thorns.

?????: A Hekatonkhire who does not die when he's told to do so. His 'fur' consists of strong, metallic hair that can pierce the skin like a needle and is infused with Yozi venom.

?????: A small and enthusiastic girl who seems to have a strong dislike for the party members. A Day Caste Abyssal, fights with short daiklaves. She definitely has a considerable rank. Barely escaped during the retrieval attempt of Terrie

Infernal forces

Tattooed demon summoner: A powerful demon summoner. He tried to summon a demon with Sihaya as a sacrifice once. He is chasing Haruko and Youko.

Telekinesis Infernal: This woman is perfectly composed, and controls the area around her using very potent telekinesis. She tried to capture Haruko and Youko.

Infernal Strategos: A large bearded gentleman who leads large amounts of demon forces. Fortunately their forces were considerably diminished during the assault on Chayin.

House Ragara in Sengu

Ragara Nori: The formal ruler of the Ragara family branch in Sengu. Nori is plagued by old age and is barely capable of leading the house any more. He might die any day… or he might cling on to life for a couple more months or even a year, being the stubborn Dragonblooded he is.

Ragara Elindra: Elindra rules the family in name of her father, and is his formal successor. She is sympathetic with the Solar Exalted because her old boyfriend, Daedalus, used to be one before he was killed.

Ragara Kozuki: The youngest son in the family and a fire aspected dragon blood. He is the boyfriend of Diana. Ever since Sengu was occupied by Scarlet Naomi he has moved to Atran and joined the Legion of the White Tigers.

Ragara Ikurias: The oldest son in the family. He used to be the successor, but he was convinced to step down and let his sister take his place. He was sent to join the party in Atran and has since joined the Legion of the Laughing Whore.

Ragara Haruki: The third oldest son in the family. His older brother was murdered by one of his childhood friends from the Cynis family in Atran. Even though he did not commit the murders himself, he did know about his friends actions and has therefore been disowned.

House Cynis in Atran

Cynis Kuro: Head of the house. Currently in captivity.

Cynis Fatima: Niece of Ragara Nori and wife of Cynis Kuro. Currently in captivity.

Cynis Haruo: Oldest son of the family. Currently in captivity.

Cynis Kaede: Second oldest child, oldest daughter. Was not living in Atran before, since she was already Winglord in the Legion of the White Tigers.

Kiyoshi: Third oldest child of the Cynis family. He's become an Immaculate Monk in Atran, and unfortunately had to be put in captivity also as he was planning to go out to the Imperial City with his story. He hasn't Exalted as a Dragonblooded.

Cynis Midori: Fourth oldest child. She was a captive, but has sworn allegiance to the party. She currently rules Atran in name of her father. She's a House of Bells graduate and is doing quite well in her position right now. Some even say she's doing better than her father ever did.

Cynis Noboru: Non-Exalted sixth oldest child of Kuro and Fatima. His life was saved by Diana once.


Ayaan: A former Air Aspected Dragonblooded. In life she committed treason by allying with an Anathema. Like Tenaris, she was nearly killed, but at the last moment she was chosen to become an avatar of the Elemental Dragon of Air.

Chay: A recently Exalted night caste, and leader of Sypharin. All his previous incarnations have been leaders of this flying city through some (illegal) deal with the God of Exaltations.

Cathak Tenaris: In life he was a Fire Aspected Wyld Hunt leader. He was killed by the Prince of Destruction, but his soul ascended into Godhood. He is now an avatar of the Elemental Dragon of Fire, but under strict orders to watch and protect, rather than take part in the revolution himself.

Ryoku: A very old Immaculate Monk who has mastered all the Five Glorious Dragons Styles. This man lives near the manse called the Great Tree where he spends the last of his days. He does not fight any more, but is still willing to teach young subjects the martial arts styles he has mastered. During the fight against the Wyld Hunt he died, although more because of old age rather than injuries.

Lysander: The new City Father of Atran. Lysander is a young ambitious God who has taken up the task of becoming the city father of Atran after several of his predecessors have disappeared.

Safira: Former #5 in the Conclave. A young pacifist Zenith, who's devout to her cause of serving Sol Invictus. According to her SI has turned his back on the Solars because of their behaviour in the First Age, and they now have to prove themselves. She cut off from the Conclave when a serious conflict started with Scarlet Naomi

Travino: One of the ancient race of the Dragon Kings. He has lived since the First Age only because he holds a heartstone that prevents him from aging any further. He is a steadfast mentor for Chay.




A small branch of the Cynis family rules this city. Or so they did, until the protagonists became the unofficial leaders of this city. Their cause of regaining control of the city seems hopeless now. The city was almost destroyed due to the city spirits and trade spirits constantly disappearing. This was the doing of the Conclave, but this practice has now ceased. Now the city is becoming bigger and more wealthier than before, thanks so the party. Atran is the capital city of the prefecture with the same name.


A hidden city built around the powerful manse that is the backdoor to the Imperial Defense Grid. A secret Gate of Auspicious Passage links the manse to the flying city of Sypharin.


A small branch of the Ragara family rules this city. The family's father has been in poor health for quite some time now, but it remains a questions when he will actually die. The city is now ruled by one of his daughters Ragara Elindra with a little help of the party. The city is was quite safe, under the rule of Scarlet Naomi. But the Conclafe captured her and now Neoma is in control. Sengu is the capital city of the prefecture with the same name.


A first age city inhabited mostly by people of the sky. Ever since the Usurpation this city has remained hidden high in the sky. Only a few Sidereal Exalted have known about the city for all these years, but it remains in the hands of the Solar Exalted after all these years. During the fight with the last messegner the city crashed on the ground and lies north-easth of Atran.


Backdoor to the Imperial Defense Grid

A powerful First Age manse which forms a back door to the Imperial Defence Grid. There are several heavy forms of protection present to protect this manse from assailants. It is practically impossible to take this manse, and the city surrounding it, in a siege without quite a bit of Exalted help.

Primary owner: Adriana Copperhawk

The Conclave

A strong manse with an alternative way to bind Eclipse caste oaths. All those who take seat in the Conclave must follow the decisions the Conclave makes as if bound by an Eclipse caste oath. Individuals may always make a protest at an oath that involves actions or costs from their own side. Otherwise a majority vote will always be binding and nobody can go against the oath. Also their destiny while participating in the Conclave is concealed from fate, which means no Sidereal will be able to deduce who are official participants in the Conclave and who voted for or against a particular notion.

The manse is also a factory cathedral for producing the mask and cloak artifacts that hide their identity and cloak their destiny into one of a Conclave member.

Primary owner: Anan

The Library

This manse holds a vast source of knowledge, advanced First Age workshops and a set of mirrors that can train people ahead of what they'd normally be able to achieve. Unfortunately, the mirrors and the books have been taken by Melody.

Primary owner: Diana Makoto

The Temple

This manse has a strong power with which it can speak to all the followers gathered in the huge grounds surrounding this huge temple. It has become a big city. Also various family members are kept safe there.

Primary owner: Safira

The War Grounds

Apparently this manse is excellent for training mortals with. The exact working are unknown.

Primary owner: Neoma Flint

The Mirage

The Night caste in the First Age party also had a manse, but its location is unknown unlike the other four. Shadow was the owner of the manse and the key. But the party claimed it. The manse can appear at different locations and has a disorientating defense system. The manse is sentient, and both the manse and its sentience are called Mirage. Even though Mirage sounds very human, one would do well to remember she is not a human being and thinks in a whole different way.

Primary owner: Angel

The Glass Pyramid

This manse is completely made of glass. It is very hard to navigate in this manse, and it is filled with trap floors that send intruders flying out of the manse through a complex slide network. Twelve elementals protect the manse from intruders, but also serve the owner of the manse.

Primary owner: Yanus Obsidian

The Spiderfoot Maze

The interior of this manse is completely filled with visual illusions. Only a character who learns to trust his other senses can successfully navigate to the heartstone room of this manse.

Primary owner: Cathak Kathan

The Great Tree

The Great Tree is a special manse which is not completely capped, and makes use of the raw power of the demesne lying under it. Inside the tree someone can perform a vision quest. Ryoku used to live by the tree and help people in their vision quests, but he lives no more. The manse has now been inherited by Manami.

Primary owner: Manami

[[House Rules]]


No longer used


Experience base characters: 400 Experience from sessions: 755 Total experience: 1155

Total number of sessions: 88 (session 44: marathon)

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